If you have less-than-perfect vision and are tired of relying on glasses or contacts to correct this problem, then you may be on your way to exploring your options. There are many corrective procedures available that would prevent the need for any corrective devices, with LASIK being top on the list. LASIK is one of the most effective and affordable methods to restore vision. If you’re not sure whether LASIK is the right choice for you, then here are some aspects of LASIK to consider, which can help you make your decision:

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When it comes to the LASIK doctors Fort Worth has, there are many options, and athletes appear to be the sort of people who could benefit from their services. Emergency rooms in hospitals are full of athletes, who have broken their glasses while playing their chosen sport. Also, glasses have a tendency to slide and slip as an athlete sweats, which adversely impacts on game strategies and training. Although LASIK eliminates the requirement for contacts and glasses, athletes still have to schedule time off from playing sport to recover. Fourteen days is the minimum amount of recovery time needed, and this could be considerably longer, based on the particular sport.

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LASIK surgery can substantially improve a person’s vision if he or she suffers from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Even if a person is considered to be a candidate based on their eye problem, there is additional criteria that each LASIK patient must meet. If you’re considering LASIK, you may have wondered which celebrities have undergone this procedure. If you are in the Fort Worth area and would like the celebrity LASIK treatment, call us at 817-346-7333 to set up a consultation with expert LASIK surgeon Dr. Thomas Marvelli. Here is a list of 5 celebrities that have had LASIK surgery:

Kim Kardashian

Kim suffered from problems with her vision since she was a teenager, and during an episode of her show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim underwent LASIK surgery. Her entire procedure was aired on the show, and although Kim was extremely nervous about the surgery, she considered it to be a great success, as her vision dramatically improved.

LeBron James

In 2007, this popular professional basketball player underwent LASIK surgery. He stated that the surgery dramatically improved his vision, which was more than he was expecting. As a result of his improved vision, James’ shooting average improved, which he was very grateful for.

Tiger Woods

This professional golfer underwent LASIK eye surgery for the first time in 1999, and then again 8 years after that. Woods was tired of contending with glasses and contacts while trying to play professional golf, which is what prompted him to undergo the surgery. The professional golfer considers both surgeries a success, and he stated that he never knew what seeing clearly with 20/20 vision was like prior to surgery.

Jessica Simpson

This well-known actress, fashion designer and artist underwent LASIK eye surgery in 2004. Simpson stated that prior to LASIK, she was legally blind and couldn’t see a thing. Her surgery was a big success, enabling her to see better than she could have ever asked for.

Brad Pitt

This popular actor and producer has been considered one of the most attractive male celebrities, and he reached a point in his life where he felt his glasses were interfering with his appearance. In an effort to ditch his glasses in order to resume his “extremely attractive appearance,” Pitt underwent LASIK eye surgery to correct his vision problems. Obviously he was completely satisfied with the results of the surgery, as he no longer requires the glasses that made him appear “less attractive” in the past. Now he can continue to be one of the sexiest men on TV.

So if you’re serious about possibly undergoing LASIK eye surgery so you can get rid of your glasses or contacts, then you need to find one of the best LASIK doctors Fort Worth has to offer to perform your surgery. As long as you choose a surgeon who has performed the surgery numerous times and has several years of experience, then your experience should be positive.

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