Aging Eyes And Glaucoma

Posted on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

Many people are concerned with the look and health of their aging bodies, making regular appointments for checkups and frequently hitting the gym. They gobble up supplements and invest a fortune in vitamins and fitness apparatus in order to enjoy long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, even in this flurry of self-preservation, health-conscious folks often forget to pay attention to their eyes, resulting in serious problems.

Although people expect some deterioration in their vision as they grow older, they frequently do not anticipate serious vision problems. However, aging eyes are vulnerable to a variety of ailments, with glaucoma being one of the most serious afflictions. People over the age of 40 need to have their eyes tested for this disease, while those with a family history of glaucoma need to be watched even more closely. Untreated glaucoma can cause irreversible blindness.

A qualified eye specialist DFW based can test for this frequently symptomless disease. Glaucoma causes unnaturally high pressure in the eyes, which can lead to permanent damage of the optic nerves. Because most people do not experience pain with this condition, permanent damage has often been done by the time many patients notice vision problems.

Early detection of glaucoma by an eye surgeon in Fort Worth located can save a person’s vision by allowing for a quick and effective intervention. Elevated pressure is usually treated by prescription eye drops. For many sufferers, this method is sufficient to stop the disease’s progression. For other patients, surgery is required. A qualified, local eye specialist can perform these procedures promptly and safely.

Several surgical methods are effective for glaucoma, including using a laser or a more traditional operation. In these cases, the surgeon makes an incision into the eye in order to relieve the excess pressure. Often, these operations are enough to stop the progression of the disease and save a patient’s remaining vision.

Those patients who have cataracts and glaucoma can receive an extra benefit from cataract surgery. The lens replacement recommended for cataract correction usually reduces the pressure level in the eyes, preventing possible damage to the optic nerve while relieving the blurriness that cataracts bring. With one safe procedure, aging eyes have renewed acuity and health.

Modern eye procedures are generally quick and relatively painless. Recovery time is minimal, and the harsh restrictions on activities have been lifted. In many cases, patients are completely back to normal in two weeks. The days of a lengthy recovery ended with the advent of lasers and other technological advances.

Aging brings many health challenges to the majority of the population. In their haste to protect their bodies, patients often neglect their eyes. Yearly screenings and regular consultations with eye specialists are necessary to keep vision sharp and eyes disease-free during the after-forty years. Glaucoma and other vision thieves can be stopped with the help of an eye surgeon Fort Worth trusts, such as Dr. Marvelli, who is well-trained and operates at affordable prices. Everyone can create a health regimen for their aging eyes as well as their bodies. Contact the Marvel Eye Center for your checkup today!

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