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Posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

Eye care is far too often overlooked in favor of other forms of care. While it is true that you only need to see an eye doctor once or twice a year, skipping these appointments can allow health complications to occur. In fact, many types of blindness are entirely preventable – but only if they are caught by a doctor in time. Unfortunately, many people simply do not have the time or ability to get to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis done. This is where the Peek Vision app comes into play.

The Peek Vision app is an amazing tool. Its purpose is to take the place of typical eye exam equipment, allowing individuals to undertake comprehensive diagnoses with their smart phones. The data can then be shared with a doctor, stored, and analyzed by professionals – all without requiring the typical machinery involved with the process. By simplifying the process of eye exams and putting much of the technology in the hands of the consumer, the Peek Eye app looks to revolutionize the way that many people view their own eye care. If nothing else, it’s an amazing leap forward in the way that people will view their own eyes.

So why does that matter? In short, it’s because diagnostic equipment is incredibly expensive – and that drives up the prices of most basic exams. Patients can visit LASIK doctors equipped with the Peek Vision app and can perform basic diagnostics without having to rely on specialized equipment, thus giving them the ability to keep prices lower and see more patients. The ability to have a low-cost app that takes the place of expensive machinery is a major boon to the profession, especially when so many individuals avoid eye care because they think that the process will cost them too much money.

The app also allows physicians to take their eye care on the road, which in turn can bring care to many areas that are under-served. While there are many mobile clinics for general practitioners and for dentists, the size and complexity of the tools used for eye exams has made it harder for many to practice on the go. With this app, doctors are suddenly given the ability to do basic exams without being tethered to their offices, which in turn should allow them to see new clients who might otherwise never make it to the office.

If you care about your eye health, the Peek Vision app should have you excited. Whether you are looking forward to easier diagnostics or the ability of people around the world to have access to easier care, this app is certainly worth celebrating. While it cannot replace a physician, nor does it eliminate the need for regular eye exams, it goes a long way towards making the job of the physician much easier. By doing this, it gives many individuals a chance not only to preserve their site, but to live a life that will allow them to see better than they may have ever thought possible.

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