Eye Makeup Safety To Prevent Vision Damage

Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

Many women wear makeup to enhance their appearance, add color to their cheeks and lips, and emphasize the look of their eyes. While eye cosmetics such as eye shadow, mascara and eye liner will emphasize your eyes beautifully, they may also harm your eyes and interfere with your vision. Eye cosmetics are safety tested products made from generally safe materials; as long as you apply and use them appropriately you should have no problems. Protect your eyes and vision by learning the potential dangers to your eyes from the use of eye cosmetics and how to protect yourself from those dangers.

Dangers of Eye Makeup

From just a touch of mascara to darken your lashes to the full treatment to create a smoky elegant look for an evening out, eye makeup is for many women the finishing touch to their overall cosmetic look. When applied safely you can avoid the various dangers cosmetics pose to your eyes.

Allergic reactions to some types of eye cosmetics can produce irritation, eye redness and even swelling. In the most severe cases, it can lead to an eye infection. To seek the medical assistance of an eye specialist Fort Worth has many from which to choose. If you ever suffer an allergic reaction to a particular product, be sure to note the label and, if possible, the ingredients. In the future, read labels carefully to avoid that product or those contents.

Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “pink eye”, is the most common eye problem eye makeup produces. Many makeup products today contain preservatives to prevent the formation of bacteria but it’s still possible for bacteria to grow on the surface of your makeup just the same. One of the most serious consequences of eye cosmetics is a scratched or damaged cornea. This may happen when you are applying the makeup with a mascara brush or eyeliner. Such damage may lead to a corneal abrasion and may become dangerously infected. Seek medical attention from an eye care specialist immediately for a scratched cornea.

Contact lens wearers must be especially aware as you are more susceptible to eye makeup-related eye problems. Products may contaminate your lenses accidentally when even the smallest particle of makeup attaches to them. Avoid applying heavy eye cosmetics closest to the eye and always put your lenses in before you apply makeup to protect yourself.

Preventing Eye Cosmetic Problems

You can still be glamorous while practicing eye makeup safety by following some basic safety procedures when applying and using eye cosmetics. These safety tips will minimize your eyes’ risk from bacteria and scratches.

  • Never share your makeup with anyone. This spreads bacteria.
  • Replace your eye cosmetics every three months. Don’t buy expired products.
  • If you have an eye infection, throw your makeup away and replace it.
  • Never use dried out mascara. Don’t add water or otherwise try to moisten it.
  • Remove all eye makeup every night to prevent the built-up of bacteria or particles that transfer to your eyes.
  • Always first wash your hands before applying eye cosmetics.
  • Never apply eye makeup while driving or in a moving car.
  • Kohl liners may have dangerous levels of lead. Avoid them.
  • Also avoid permanent dyes and coloring for eyelashes. They cause irreversible damage to your eyes if not applied correctly.
  • Keep eye makeup at a 85°F temperature or below. Never leave your makeup in a hot car.
  • Always apply eye liner outside the inner lid of your eye.
  • Avoid glittery cosmetics that can get into your eye and scratch your cornea.
  • Keep eye cosmetic applicators clean. Wash and replace them frequently.

Follow all these precautions and you can enjoy using your eye makeup to accent your eyes for your favorite day or nighttime look. Your eyesight is too precious not to protect. Make sure you not only look good but see well.

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