The Importance of Eye Protective Gear

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

Tens of thousands of recreation and sports–related eye injuries take place each year. Fortunately, 9 out of 10 serious eye injuries are preventable through the use of protective eyewear. The risk of eye injury varies according to the sport; therefore, people should make sure that the level of eye protection they use is appropriate for the type of sport they are engaging in, especially for teens. Most sports–related injuries occur most frequently in baseball or softball, basketball, and water sports. Teens and young athletes in Fort Worth, Texas who suffer sports–related eye injuries should visit the best eye specialist Fort Worth has to offer. There are many eye doctors in the area; therefore, parents should do adequate research before choosing a doctor.

Trying to convince teenagers to put on protective eyewear might be challenging. However, educating them about the different sports–related eye injuries will help them understand the significance of protecting their eyes. Figures from the National Eye Institute show that children account for about 33% of all sports–related eye injuries. In addition, most eye injuries suffered by children aged 11 to 14 occur while playing sports.

More than 70% of all sports and recreation–related injuries occur in people under the age of 25 years, 40% of which occur in people under the age of 15 years. Basketball and baseball are responsible for the most eye injuries among teenagers and young adults. Additionally, studies show that proper–fitting protective eyewear can reduce the risk of devastating eye injuries by up to 90%. For these reasons, ophthalmologists and pediatricians strongly recommend protective eyewear for people who participate in sports, especially teenagers.

Most teenagers, and even parents, erroneously believe that only certain sports require eye protection. In actual fact, teenagers engaging in almost every sport should put on eyewear that offers protection from both UV exposure and impacts. For example, an errant elbow or finger during a game of basketball can cause permanent eye damage. Similarly, a teenager playing softball could suffer a serious injury when a thrown or batted ball impacts his/her eye. Such injuries can be prevented by sporting protective eyewear.

The sport one participates in makes a big difference in the type of protection one needs. For example, people who play baseball need a strong eye protection able to resist the force of a ball moving at high velocity. On the other hand, people playing basketball need eyewear that will protect their eyes from other players’ elbows and fingers. Other sports like racquet sports, water sports, hockey, and extreme sports also require special types of eyewear.

In addition to protecting a player’s sight, protective eyewear can also improve performance because a player does not have to worry about suffering a serious eye injury. Instead, players using protective gear can devote their full effort and attention to their performance. By evaluating and providing the appropriate protective eyewear designed for teens, and insisting that they put it on, parents can help teenagers protect their eyes and develop habits that will last a lifetime.

Types of protective eyewear include sunglasses, goggles, shields, face masks, and scuba masks. However, the eyewear should meet the standards for testing and materials’ impact standards. If your child sustains a recreation or sports–related eye injury, call the best eye specialist Fort Worth has to offer.

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