Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right For You?

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

LASIK eye surgery has helped many people put away corrective eye-wear and enjoy excellent vision. There is a good chance you could also benefit from this type of procedure. If you meet these four basic criteria, it is worth consulting with an ophthalmologist to see if LASIK is right for you.

The Condition of Your Corneas

A key factor in determining if LASIK eye surgery is feasible has to do with the condition of the corneas. Since the surgery will involve creating a flap using part of the corneal tissue, people with thicker corneas are certainly candidates.

The shape and general health of your corneas is also important. They should be free of any type of scarring due to accidents or the presence of eye conditions like Addison’s Disease. A healthy cornea will heal from the surgery faster and with less potential of complications.

The Size of Your Pupils

Prime candidates for LASIK eye surgery possess pupils that are considered within a normal range of size. People with enlarged pupils are more likely to experience visual issues such as halos that seem to surround objects, or apparent bursts of light when reading or when the eyes are closed.

Your General Health

If you do not possess any type of ongoing condition that negatively impacts the function of your immune system, it is worth arranging a meeting with a LASIK doctor. Conditions like Lupus and various forms of arthritis can weaken that system. That in turn could complicate your recovery.

Your Visual Acuity is Stable

A surgeon offering Dallas LASIK is much more likely to approve the surgery if the candidate has stable vision. This means the quality of your vision has remained constant for at least one calendar year.

Before the surgery can take place, expect to undergo a comprehensive eye examination. This will help determine if there are any previously unknown mitigating factors. Assuming everything is in order, the date for your Fort Worth LASIK surgery can be scheduled, and you can make plans for enjoying an increased quality of vision. Contact Marvel Eye Center (817-346-7333) to set up your consultation today.

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