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Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

When it comes to the LASIK doctors Fort Worth has, there are many options, and athletes appear to be the sort of people who could benefit from their services. Emergency rooms in hospitals are full of athletes, who have broken their glasses while playing their chosen sport. Also, glasses have a tendency to slide and slip as an athlete sweats, which adversely impacts on game strategies and training. Although LASIK eliminates the requirement for contacts and glasses, athletes still have to schedule time off from playing sport to recover. Fourteen days is the minimum amount of recovery time needed, and this could be considerably longer, based on the particular sport.

All LASIK doctors Fort Worth has to offer will inform athletes about the greater risks they face, with regards to infections or complications after surgery. These risks are unavoidable, due to the nature of contact sports. Not every sport poses the same level of risk for LASIK patients though. Athletes who play conventional sports, such as soccer or baseball, have smaller injury risks. Athletes who participate in contact sports, like boxing or rugby, have far bigger injury risks. Sometimes, during play, athletes can also encounter rapid eye movement (REM), as they concentrate on the game’s action. This can place undue stress on the eyes, and lead to an eye infection or injury.

Additionally, over the course of a game, the faces of athletes often become dirty or sweaty. This can cause them to rub their eyes, which results in irritation. This might harm the corneal flap and/or the cornea, which is the primary concern following LASIK surgery. During LASIK, the cornea is reshaped with a laser. A small flap is cut into the cornea, to allow the sculpting of underlying tissue. After surgery, if the eye gets hit prior to the full recovery of the patient, the corneal flap may reopen or become infected or damaged. Further risks with surgery are side effects like blurred vision, light sensitivity, over or under correction, irregular astigmatism and temporary discomfort. Constant pain, cataracts, loss of vision or severe infection are rare, but highly troubling when they occur.

Whether LASIK is the best option for you or not depends on several factors, however, athletes usually find that there is a strong case for having the surgery. Providing they invest the effort and time into recovering from the treatment, and schedule some time off from physical activity, they ought to reap the benefits. For athletes, good vision is crucial to compete to their optimum ability. Lots of famous athletes, such as Greg Maddux and Tiger Woods, have successfully undergone LASIK surgery and have been pleased with the results. Numerous team managers and coaches advise players to have LASIK surgery, rather than use contacts or glasses. Although glasses or contacts might improve an athlete’s sight, they are not suitable for use while an athlete is actually playing his or her sport. All athletes who do go ahead with the treatment should adhere to their doctor’s advice, and make recovery time their top priority.

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