LASIK Vision Procedure And Post-Operative Rules

Posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

It is important to follow post-operative instructions after undergoing LASIK vision surgery performed by a Fort Worth LASIK surgeon. A patient may experience mild pain that results in watery eyes. If the patient has slightly inflamed eyes, a mild pain reliever prescribed by the doctor can be taken. Dry eyes are treated with eye drops. Some doctors prescribe medicated eye drops with antibiotics.

Protect the Eyes from Harsh Light

A Dallas LASIK surgeon will provide the patient with special eye goggles to wear during the first five evenings after the LASIK vision procedure. Additionally, the patient should wear protective sunglasses for the first seven days whenever the sun is bright or when in brightly lit rooms. Avoid touching or rubbing the eyes for 30 days following the procedure.

Take a Nap or Rest the Eyes

Do not watch television or use any type of electronic device that requires use of the eyes for the first few hours after LASIK vision surgery. Electronic devices include personal computers and cell phones. Avoid socializing on social networks or sending texts until the eyes adjust. Do not overindulge in reading newspapers, books, magazines or emails. Eyes need to relax, rest and stay free from bright light. Wear eye goggles to help the eyes rest and to prevent accidental rubbing.

Avoid Wearing Eye Make-up for the First Seven Days

Do not wear eye make-up or use anti-wrinkle cream near the eyes for one week after undergoing LASIK vision surgery. Although smoking is not forbidden, smokers may want to cut down on smoking because cigarette or cigar smoke can irritate the eyes.

Take a Bath to Prevent Water from Getting into the Eyes

Avoid taking a shower for one day after the LASIK vision procedure to prevent getting soap, shampoo or water in the eyes. After experiencing improved eyesight following a successful LASIK vision operation, a person is bound to feel excited at the thought of not needing to wear eyeglasses any longer. However, take the excitement with some restraint for a time.

Take a Vacation from Exercise for Two Weeks

The key thing to remember is that the body needs to get plenty of rest after a patient undergoes LASIK vision surgery. After a surgeon operates, the patient will receive instructions to avoid all forms of exercise. Avoid the risk of having a foreign object hit the eyes by refusing to participate in baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, golf or hockey. Do not swim, ride a horse, go boating, ride a motorcycle, ride a bicycle or work in a garden. Do not use a hot tub or whirlpool for approximately one week after the procedure takes place.

Resume Daily Activities According to Specific Instructions

For one week after surgery, avoid exposing the eyes to dusty environments because dust can cause irritation. Resume normal activities one to two weeks after a Fort Worth LASIK surgeon performs the procedure. Dr. Marvelli and the Marvel Eye Center team will offer any specific instructions that apply to a particular patient. For any questions about LASIK aftercare, please feel free to schedule a consultation or call us at 817-346-7333.

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