Top 5 Worst Things To Expose Your Eyes To

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 by Dr. Thomas Marvelli

Eyesight naturally changes with age. The older we grow, the harder it is to focus and see in detail. Another great issue of concern when it comes to eyesight is eye disease. Besides the aforementioned factors there are some behaviors that can hurt our eyes more than help them.

UV exposure

It is important to note that UV light not only damages skin but also eye structures. Similar to how it causes damages to the skin, UV light results in cellular damage as it damages your DNA. The body has natural repair mechanisms but if the damages go beyond a certain point, the body can’t compensate. Damage can be seen on the surface structures and deep structures of the eye such as the retina.


We all know the effect smoking has on the body but very few understand the implications of smoking on the eyes. Smoking can increase the risk of suffering from retinal diseases and cataracts, even leading to loss of vision. Existing eye problems such as cataracts, optic nerve damage and age-related muscular degeneration worsen if one smokes.

Smoking also affects circulation. With age, life forces tend to challenge out circulatory system. Smoking makes this worse. A strained circulatory system means your eyes are not getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to prevent eye stress and eye diseases.

Accidental, everyday trauma

Surprisingly enough, everyday chores or activities can present a huge risk to our eyes. Whether you are mowing your lawn, working on some piece of furniture, grinding on a metal drill or carrying out any other duties, chores or recreational activities , you could be exposing your eyes to the risk of trauma. The list of things doctors have had to pull out of patients’ eyes is virtually endless. And they don’t necessarily come from major accidents, but from everyday activities.

Not taking care of your overall health

Taking care of your body can work wonders for your eye health. Managing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels can greatly improve your eyesight. If a person has high blood pressure, they are at a higher risk of having eye damage that can lead to vision loss. Certain eye diseases are associated with high blood pressure and diabetes. An example is diabetic retinopathy which is damage to the eye’s blood vessels resulting from diabetes. In such a case, one is recommended to stop the progression of the disease by controlling blood sugar levels, blood pressure and blood cholesterol.


It is also worth noting that technology also has an impact on our eyes. Several things happen when we are glued to computer screens. When concentrating on work while working on a computer, people tend to blink less often. Your eyes are focused on a single spot for a long time leading to eye muscle fatigue and a feeling of strain. Moreover, when you’re looking up, your eyes are wider and there’s relatively more evaporation of eye fluid than normal. This encourages dry eye and eye strain.

Impaired vision is not a normal part of aging and it is important to seek help from an eye specialist Fort Worth trusts, and take necessary measures to take care of your eyes. Contact the Marvel Eye Center today: 817-346-7333.

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