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What You Need To Know About Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome Defined

Computer vision syndrome, or CVS, is a term used to describe vision problems related to prolonged computer use. Most of us spend a large portion of our day in front of the computer. That is why this condition is becoming more common. Laser Eye Specialist Dr. Marvelli explores this topic in more detail.

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LASIK, A Life-changing Holiday Gift

Certificates for LASIK eye surgery make the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones because they could prove life-changing for valued friends and family members with vision problems. You’ll never have to worry if you’ve picked an appropriate gift for your mom, dad, spouse, brother, sister or in-law needs. The gift of sight is both long-lasting and prescient because you know that the recipient will love and use the gift every day of his or her life.

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5 Eye Specialist Tips To Protecting Your Eyes During Winter

If you are someone who adores winter sports and anything that has to do with snow, you are probably ecstatic at the thought of the coming season. However, before you rush off to buy winter apparel, our Fort Worth laser eye surgeon would like to inform you that you should make your eyes your first priority.

If you find yourself considering LASIK or any other eye surgery in the winter, please contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Marvelli. Dr. Marvelli will create a custom eye-care plan for you so that you can avoid eye issues this winter.

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The Anatomy Of The Human Eye

The human eye is an amazing organ. It provides us with possibly the most important of our five senses, sight. Sight allows us to observe and learn about everything that surrounds us. Our eyes are used in almost every daily activity. Reading, working, writing or typing letters and e-mails, and driving are just a few. The vast majority of people would agree that sight is the most cherished of all the five senses. Eyes allow us to interpret colors, shapes and dimensions of objects, by processing the light which either emits from them, or bounces off them.

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What Every Diabetic Should Know About LASIK Surgery

If you are feeling hesitant about LASIK Surgery because of your diabetes, you are not alone. Dr. Thomas Marvelli is considered an authority in diabetic eye care and has helped countless Fort Worth area patients achieve excellent sight without compromising their eye health. For a personalized LASIK care plan, schedule a consultation with Dr. Marvelli by calling 817-346-7333.

Diabetes is known to cause a number of vision problems; in fact, some of these problems can lead to total blindness if not properly treated. Thankfully, there are a number of optical treatment options available to people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, including, in some cases, LASIK surgery.

While the FDA has noted that diabetes, in many cases, disqualifies a person from receiving LASIK surgery, this is not always the case. In fact, a number of diabetics can benefit from this form of eye surgery without risk of complications.

In order for LASIK surgery to be successful, one will need to have stable blood sugar levels. All laser eye surgeons Fort Worth patients visit will ask for a letter from the patient’s general practitioner stating that his or her blood sugar levels are stable before performing eye surgery.

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Top 5 Worst Things To Expose Your Eyes To

Eyesight naturally changes with age. The older we grow, the harder it is to focus and see in detail. Another great issue of concern when it comes to eyesight is eye disease. Besides the aforementioned factors there are some behaviors that can hurt our eyes more than help them.

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Common Eye Problems In Small Children: Pink Eye

Pink eye is one of the most common eye problems that afflict young children. Pink eye is a common term used to refer to the various forms of conjunctivitis. Technically speaking, this condition is used to refer to the acute and highly contagious form of conjunctivitis, which is the acute inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the eyelids’ inner surface and overlies the white part of the eye known as the sclera. Bacterial and viral infections are the main causes of this type of conjunctivitis.

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Aging Eyes And Glaucoma

Many people are concerned with the look and health of their aging bodies, making regular appointments for checkups and frequently hitting the gym. They gobble up supplements and invest a fortune in vitamins and fitness apparatus in order to enjoy long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, even in this flurry of self-preservation, health-conscious folks often forget to pay attention to their eyes, resulting in serious problems.

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30 Oct / 2014

The Cost Of LASIK

The Cost Of LASIK

Finances are one of the biggest roadblocks to many vision patients receiving the vision correction they need and want. The cost of LASIK vision surgery is one of the most common questions regarding this popular procedure. Nationally, the average cost for LASIK vision correction is approximately $2,000 per eye. This amount can vary based on area of the country, experience of the provider and the types of technology used. Considering that almost $30 billion a year is poured in the eye products and services by Americans, our eyes and our vision are very important to us.

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How An Eye Specialist Can Detect Diabetes Before A Patient Knows About It

When visiting an eye specialist Fort Worth patients will find that they specialize in procedures such as LASIK surgery, cataract removal, treatment of eye diseases and/or glasses prescription. However, an interesting fact that many people do not realize is that eye doctors can also detect a wide range of common health problems even before a patient knows that he or she has the problem in question. Health problems that show up when a person has an eye exam include diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and even certain types of cancer.

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